Saturday, February 4, 2012

FoodArt: Zelda Party

This was going to be a serious Zelda Party. We were going to Play The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures which is a GameBoy game that normally requires 1 GameCube with 4 GameBoy Advances. We decided to play it right!  It required 4 GameCubes with 4 GameBoy Players, 1 Wii, 5 TVs, 4 wavebird controllers, and 4 Gameboy Link cables.

All hooked up together! With such a crazy setup, we wanted to play through the game in as few gatherings as possible so that we wouldn't have to haul around TVs all over the place, and so Josh could eventually get his living room back. It still took us 2 weekends and a lot of hours. We had a lot of players in shifts playing continually.

To keep things going we had Zelda themed food all day. Four Swords fruit platter, bean dip shaped like the Hyrulian Overworld, Lon Lon Milk (thanks to someone else online for the label). Jello Ruppees-easy and very cool. And Potion made from Hawian Punch and Applesauce jars. Not shown is of course Triforce-pizza, Triforce-chips, and Triforce-rice crispies! Some ideas were better than others obviously.  Some were very easy and fun. Some I stayed up waaay too late working on, trying to make it look okay...