Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FoodArt: Pokemon Cake

The day of the wedding, while everyone else was out and about Josh and I decided to make a groom's cake for our good buddy Leif.  Here, Joshua considers the construction of a Pokeball from these two mounds of rice-crispies. 
First we cut out the "trench" around the circumference of once side. Then frosted it white.   The other half we frosted red.

While Josh continues to frost half red, I cut out some decorations for the cake, their favorite Pokemon.

Josh cuts out the center white activation button.

Almost finished!  Josh continues to cut out the button.

At the Wedding.  The Pokeball was pretty heavy since it was solid rice crispy treats.  Oh did we mention that we packed it really well into a bowl to make each hemisphere, and we froze it briefly to make it extra keep it's shape?  That made it rather a challenge for the bride and groom to cut!

Avengers BSA Patch

A local Scout Troop was going to have a camp that was Superhero themed.   They had what they wanted in mind, which was to use the Avengers logo and Captain America's shield.  Not too tricky.   Illustrator Vector

Later they gave me a copy of the patch.  Cool to see that it was created!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Alien Drawing

I've sketched out a Grey here with ink on paper.    I've always liked Aliens and I've been an "I want to believe" sort of guy.  I generally like the spacecraft more than the little green men, but I think the Grey is such an iconic creature I wanted to draw one. 
After scanning the ink drawing I'm using Corel Painter to block out the background colors.  Ink is still visible.  I often don't go any farther than this with my art.  I tend to like the messy, sketchy look, this is all in the first day, all within 2-3 hours.
On the second day, I've blended the ink lines into the drawing here. Still using painter
I've worked with the eyes a bit, and I'm pretty happy how they are looking.  Added some more texture to the skin as well as some highlights.  Looking less flat now.   Probably been 2-3 more hours.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free Comic Book Day!

Nintendo Party!  As a celebration of  free comic book day 2012, we hosted a "hang out and play video games, and read your comic books party".  This was the same day last year that we had the  Four Swords Adventure play-through.  This time the main event was a Dr. Mario Tournament.  I decided to make some "pixel" viruses.  I actually made them in Illustrator so they are actually "vector" viruses which is an alliteration so that's pretty cool.  My wife won the tournament of course.  Go Honey!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food Art: Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter part 7b was coming out, and a lot of my friends are big Harry Potter fans.  I like it too, but really, it was an excuse to make a giant edible castle.  Never tried that before!  Step 1, research, find floor plans and layout design.  I shaped a couple boxes so that I could raise up the castle off the cookie sheet a bit. 

Quick note here.  There are a lot of floor plans out there for Hogwarts.  I found this one online, I did not make it.  From what I gather, Hogwarts sort of grew with each movie that came out.  So this is a larger, more recent version.

Then I covered the boxes with another floor plan, and covered the whole thing in wax paper again.  Next I made the cliffs and surrounding grounds out of rice-crispy treats.

I started out with the great hall, which ironically turns out to be a very small part of Hogwarts.  

Continued to build out.  I used wafers for the roofing.  which turned out to be a brilliant idea.  Graham crackers for the walls for the most part.
This is my favorite part.  I really like the angles of the roofing  here.
End of evening one.   I think about 5 hours in, one wing of the castle finished.
Evening two, built the second wing.  I had a bunch of ice cream cones with no tips by the time I was done.  The end of a Rollo on the right is the clock tower I think.
All finished.  The First Tower I made should have been a little tower in the end.  Oh well, next time.
Made it to the party without any problems.  Sadly I forgot to add Hagrid's hut until I got to the party, so I just stuck a Rollo in the rice crispies where it's supposed to be.