Friday, February 28, 2014

Love in Action Logo

My mother in law owns a non profit organization called "Love in Action". She goes down to Guatemala with Doctors and Nurses and medical equipment and they all volunteer helping out people in need of medical procedures and basic health education. Basically she's an amazing women.  Anyway that being said she needed a logo and needed it fast. As in I had about 2 hours of time to make it.
After some initial scribbles I had two basic designs for Love in Action that I thought were decent, and that I could actually do in the amount of time I had. I liked the hands reaching for each other better even though I think I read the logo design as more of "action in love."

Next: Color. I knew my mother in law really likes color. Lots of it. So I pulled up some images of Guatemala colors for inspiration. 
Finally I added a black border and tweaked it just a little bit to give it a less serious outline.

Final Logo with Font.
I think it turned out pretty-okay considering the short amount of time I had.