Monday, October 1, 2012


These are our Jack-O-Lanterns from 2 years ago.  Last year we didn't make any but this year we are going to try again.  I really want to try out this technique of carving away at the pumpkin.

Erin and I at a friends house.
I used a yellow pumpkin and I kind-of messed it up pretty bad last time, but still managed to get a skull out of it.  I tried to make some kind of tentacle thingy that lived in the scull but it ended up looking dumb.  Erin made a cute little Mario Mushroom from one of those turban squashes turned upside down.  We didn't come up with that idea on our own.  Our buddy made it first.

I was trying to make it look kind of like a Goa'uld from StarGate. 
I burned up and dripped a red candle all over to make it look bloody. 
It still looked pretty stupid.
Cute Erin!

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