Friday, October 5, 2012

Jane Austen

I decided to take a stab at painting Ms Austen for my wife's birthday.  I based it on several popular versions, but I added my own ideas.  Most descriptions I saw described Jane as having a small mouth, dark hazel eyes.  I tried to make her look thoughtful.  But I never really liked some of the paintings based on Casandra's drawing.  The drawing made by Jane's sister was considered at the time, "most unflattering" and a poor representation of I didn't let it tie me down too bad, although I am using the same pose etc.  Of course once I gave it to Erin she pulled out a huge book with lots of paintings of Jane's brothers, sisters, mother...  I probably would have changed a couple things having seen that book most notably her nose may have more of a button to it.  But I'm still pretty proud of the drawing.  I sketched it out first on paper, scanned it in and painted it digitally. Then I printed it out and framed it.

Painted it to fit in a oval frame.

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