Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FoodArt: Pokemon Cake

The day of the wedding, while everyone else was out and about Josh and I decided to make a groom's cake for our good buddy Leif.  Here, Joshua considers the construction of a Pokeball from these two mounds of rice-crispies. 
First we cut out the "trench" around the circumference of once side. Then frosted it white.   The other half we frosted red.

While Josh continues to frost half red, I cut out some decorations for the cake, their favorite Pokemon.

Josh cuts out the center white activation button.

Almost finished!  Josh continues to cut out the button.

At the Wedding.  The Pokeball was pretty heavy since it was solid rice crispy treats.  Oh did we mention that we packed it really well into a bowl to make each hemisphere, and we froze it briefly to make it extra keep it's shape?  That made it rather a challenge for the bride and groom to cut!

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