Friday, May 25, 2012

Alien Drawing

I've sketched out a Grey here with ink on paper.    I've always liked Aliens and I've been an "I want to believe" sort of guy.  I generally like the spacecraft more than the little green men, but I think the Grey is such an iconic creature I wanted to draw one. 
After scanning the ink drawing I'm using Corel Painter to block out the background colors.  Ink is still visible.  I often don't go any farther than this with my art.  I tend to like the messy, sketchy look, this is all in the first day, all within 2-3 hours.
On the second day, I've blended the ink lines into the drawing here. Still using painter
I've worked with the eyes a bit, and I'm pretty happy how they are looking.  Added some more texture to the skin as well as some highlights.  Looking less flat now.   Probably been 2-3 more hours.

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