Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food Art: Hogwarts Castle

Harry Potter part 7b was coming out, and a lot of my friends are big Harry Potter fans.  I like it too, but really, it was an excuse to make a giant edible castle.  Never tried that before!  Step 1, research, find floor plans and layout design.  I shaped a couple boxes so that I could raise up the castle off the cookie sheet a bit. 

Quick note here.  There are a lot of floor plans out there for Hogwarts.  I found this one online, I did not make it.  From what I gather, Hogwarts sort of grew with each movie that came out.  So this is a larger, more recent version.

Then I covered the boxes with another floor plan, and covered the whole thing in wax paper again.  Next I made the cliffs and surrounding grounds out of rice-crispy treats.

I started out with the great hall, which ironically turns out to be a very small part of Hogwarts.  

Continued to build out.  I used wafers for the roofing.  which turned out to be a brilliant idea.  Graham crackers for the walls for the most part.
This is my favorite part.  I really like the angles of the roofing  here.
End of evening one.   I think about 5 hours in, one wing of the castle finished.
Evening two, built the second wing.  I had a bunch of ice cream cones with no tips by the time I was done.  The end of a Rollo on the right is the clock tower I think.
All finished.  The First Tower I made should have been a little tower in the end.  Oh well, next time.
Made it to the party without any problems.  Sadly I forgot to add Hagrid's hut until I got to the party, so I just stuck a Rollo in the rice crispies where it's supposed to be.  


  1. I know this is a year+ late and a dollar short....but this is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!

    Great Job!

    BTW found your blog while googling on Hogwarts castle plans.